Affiliated Cultural Institutions

La Cultura Cura Network is comprised of individuals and organizations that have participated in NCN’s Healing Generations efforts and or La Cultura Cura curriculum certification training. The principle objective of this national network is to build professional relationships with colleagues, community leaders, and organizations in partnership with NCN. The inception of this affiliation partnership is based on the need to create a core network of individuals and organizations that will respond to community needs with culturally based healing-informed practices for the well-being of all people through effective programming, services, and advocacy. The LCC network seeks to engage its affiliates by creating a greater awareness of resources that recognize a responsibility to participate and contribute to activities that provide the tools needed for individuals, families, and communities to develop to their fullest potential.

The LCC Network recognizes its partners as follows:

LCC Network Affiliates – Individuals or organizations and institutions that are certified in one or more of the La Cultura Cura curricula, have facilitated two full cycles of an LCC curriculum, actively facilitated an LCC curriculum, participated in evaluation efforts, and participated in a quantitative data survey.

LCC Anchor Organization – Individuals or agencies/institutions that are recognized as an LCC Network Affiliate (above) and incorporated the La Cultura Cura Healing Informed philosophy into all aspects of their work, including their agency’s mission, core values, and vision.

NCN will support the LCC network by providing:

• Influence men to become strong fathers and responsible men
• Assist men is healing and preventing the issue of domestic violence
• Strengthen and preserve families
• Address the issue of community and gang violence
• Promote rites of passage and youth mentoring
• Address the issue of teen pregnancy prevention
• Provide culturally competent health and mental health services