History of WKKF: 

Over ten years ago, WKKF convened over 40 healing practitioners, including Jerry Tello and many of the Wisdom Keepers, to guide healing circles to open the first America Healing Conference. The healing circles gathered participants to focus on relationship and trust building. Attention to this was an essential precursor that would allow participants to heal from the wounds of the past, and build respectful relationships across racial, ethnic and other perceived differences by honoring and valuing their humanity. The circles became a standing tradition for subsequent America Healing and TRHT events.

Website: https://www.wkkf.org/

Racial Healing Practitioner’s Network

The Racial Healing Practitioner’s Network (RHP) is a network of Healing Practitioners that are working towards national racial equity and racial healing through mentorship, training, and support of local community healing practitioners.

The Solidarity Healing Leadership Team (Wisdom Keepers) have identified healing practitioners, locally and regionally, in order to establish a national Racial Healing Practitioners Network. NCN has established the RHP Network in partnership with the Wisdom Keepers, RHP Fellows and National Partners. To get connected or to receive more information please fill out the survey below.

Insert Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SJJWSQY

The RHP Network is also working towards developing a repository of resources and directories to support Healing Practitioners nationwide.


Solidarity Healing Leadership Team – Wisdom Keepers:

The Wisdom Keepers are comprised of Healing Practitioners with each over 30 years of experience from across the nation and across different cultural backgrounds. Additionally, it is important to note that the Wisdom Keepers are comprised of experienced people of color who live what they teach. They wholeheartedly share and use their experiences for the benefit of others. To see the full list of Wisdom Keepers, Please Click:


National Day of Racial Healing Video

Racial Healing Practitioner’s Fellowship:

In addition to the RHP Network, the Wisdom Keepers have also established the Racial Healing Practitioner's Fellowship. The RHP Fellowship seeks to create the Next Generation of Healing Practitioners, trainers and leaders that will work toward national racial equity and racial healing through participating in mentorship, healing dialogues and receiving support from the current Wisdom Keepers.

This fellowship strives to create intergenerational teachings and opportunities for fellowship participants to continue in their development and become part of an extended kinship (network). The RHP Fellows are a part of a team that is co-creating a process and building the capacity of individuals and organizations around racial healing and racial equity. The fellowship is adding to the overall mission of creating a unified, well-integrated circle of racial healing practitioners. To see a full list of Cohort 1, please click below:


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Additional Resources:

Healing Generation’s Podcast: is a podcast that addresses the question of how we transform and heal generations of trauma and inequity in our society today. As part of a larger effort of the Healing Generations Institute, co-created by the National Compadres Network and The Brotherhood of Elders, we will invite the insights of cultural wisdom keepers, healers, social advocates and visionaries as they offer the medicine that can guide us on our journey towards justice and interconnected sacredness for all. 

Below are the episodes that captured the Wisdom shared by our Wisdom Keepers. We hope you enjoy.

Wisdom Keepers – Healing Generations Podcast 

Greg HodgeHealing Generations of Pain, Trauma and Inequity 

In this podcast, Maestro Jerry Tello and Baba Greg Hodge begin the dialogue on how we heal generations of trauma and injustice due to racism, oppression and inequity. They also discuss the need for an effort that is built on the wisdom and medicine of the ancestors and ingenuity, and leadership of the youth. For more on Mr. Hodge's work, please visit: http://brotherhoodofelders.net


Baba Greg Hodge of the Brotherhood of Elders shares the importance of addressing the trauma of African Americans due to Racism, oppression and injustice with African rooted medicine, ceremony, teachings, wisdom and advocacy. For more on Mr. Hodge's work, please visit: http://brotherhoodofelders.net (acknowledge African and indigenous Rooted Teachings as the Foundation for your Healing)


Debra Camarillo and Susanna ArmijoThe Healing Medicine Within

Maestras Debra and Susanna share the teachings of their life journeys, and the medicine that comes from cultural ceremony and movement as a path towards transformational healing. For more on the Maestras' work, please visit: www.thelatinocommission.org ; https://www.nationalcompadresnetwork.org/national-comadres-network/ ; https://www.nationalcompadresnetwork.org


Jerry TelloThe Four, Rooted Teachings of Life

Maestro Jerry Tello shares the four, rooted teachings that are significant, especially in difficult times, for grounding us in our sacredness. For more on the Maestro Tello's work, please visit: jerrytello.com , suenospublicationsllc.com , nationalcompadresnetwork.org


Mee MouaYour Ancestor’s Voice 

Come and share in the powerful words and stories of Mee Moua, as she guides us through her journey of incorporating her ancestors' teachings in advocating for social justice and racial healing.


Monica HaslipEmpowering the Youth

Join us in this discussion with Monica Haslip about patience, intention, and the importance of empowering and listening to the children in our communities. 


Carol BebelleCulture Making 

Join us as Maestro Jerry Tello and Carol Bebelle discuss unity, radical hope, and culture making on the cultural continuum.

For more about Ms. Bebelle's work, please visit: www.facebook.com/AkuaProductions , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFo8bmKsH-E&ab_channel=CarolBebelle-Topic , www.instagram.com/akuaproductionsnola 


Hector Sanchez-FloresServant Leadership: Following the Ancestor’s Example

Join Maestro Jerry Tello as he invites Héctor Sánchez-Flores to share his family's journey of values, traditions, community service and leadership.

For more about Mr. Sánchez-Flores's work, please visit:


Susan Glisson and Charles TuckerEmbracing the Open Table of Racial Healing

Join Maestro Jerry Tello, Susan Glisson, and Charles Tucker as they discuss how their early influences shaped their desire to create change, challenges they have faced in their own paths, and how each person has a role in racial healing.

For more, please visit: https://www.sustainableequity.net


Kevin FongJoy in the Struggle: Ancestors’ Blessings

Join Maestro Jerry Tello and Kevin John Fong as they reflect on gifts from our elders, and discuss the transformation of struggle into lessons, beauty in movement, and challenging the idea of binary identities.For more, please 

visit: https://www.kahakulei.com/ , https://medium.com/me/stories/public , https://www.facebook.com/Kahakulei,


Ayyu QassataqThe Blessing of our Interconnected Sacredness

Join Maestro Jerry Tello and Ayyu Qassataq as they reflect how we are an integral part of our ancestral legacy, how self love also cares for the ancestors within us, the responsibility we have to take care of the elder we will become, and how a name can connect us to our past and future.

For more, please visit: https://firstalaskans.org/