Transformational Learning

Coachella Valley Unified School District

NCN has provided district-wide training (22 schools, certificated and classified staff) on the philosophy of “La Cultura Cura”(LCC), or “Transformational Health and Healing” and technical assistance to develop and implement a culturally based, trauma-informed, healing centered based approaches. NCN has conducted the following trainings; Joven Noble (Youth Character Development/Rites of Passage), Cara y Corazon (Parent Engagement Strengthening), and Raising Children with Pride (Fatherhood Curriculum training) to School District personnel and parents. NCN introduced Transformational Learning to the School District to examine the district’s approach, ideology and pedagogy to teaching and instruction and developed strategic steps toward a more equitable and supportive school system. Currently, NCN is launching its Extended Kinship mentorship capacity-building training throughout 2024. In addition, NCN currently engages in the School District's Culture and Climate committee meetings.