Training Curricula


Culturally Based Curriculum and Overviews

NCN has a strong history of successful community based program development and implementation, which has resulted in model programs that have received formal recognition in many communities across the nation. NCN has developed effective and industry recognized training, technical assistance and curriculum models that are currently in place nationwide. The four base curriculums are Joven Noble Rites of Passage Character Development curriculum, Xinachtli Female Rites of Passage, Cara y Corazon Face and Heart Family Strengthening curriculum and the Circulos Healing and Support Circle systems.

La Cultura Cura Overview Training

An overview training on the indigenous culturally based philosophy of Transformational Health and Healing. (3-hour training)

La Cultura Cura Core Training

A core training on the indigenous culturally based philosophy, framework and process in moving from integrated trauma to Transformational Health and Healing. (1-day training)


El Joven Noble – The Noble Youth Rites of Passage Character Development

El Joven Noble is a comprehensive indigenous based, youth leadership development program that supports and guides youth through their “rites of passage” process while focusing on the prevention of substance abuse, teen pregnancy, relationship violence, gang violence and school failure. There are two phases of training and curriculum, base-training (Hombres Jovenes con Palabra, 3-day training) and advanced-training that includes youth leadership development curriculum. (5-day training)


Cara y Corazón – Face and Heart Family Strengthening Program

Cara y Corazón is a culturally based family strengthening/community mobilization program that assists parents and other extended family to raise and teach their children with a positive bicultural base. (3-day training)


Raising Children with P.R.I.D.E.: A Teen Fatherhood Program

Raising Children with PRIDE is comprehensive multi-culturally based young fatherhood program that assists new or expectant fathers to be positive influences in the lives of children and family while assisting them in dealing with the multitude of challenges they face. (3-day training)

Círcle Keepers – Healing and Support Circles

A core aspect of La Cultura Cura is the development of circles of support, healing and leadership development. (2-day training)

Padres con Cara y Corazón – Fathers with Face and Heart

Padres con Cara y Corazón program focuses at guiding and supporting fathers to develop an active, positive, nurturing relationship with their children while assisting them to deal with the day to day struggles of fatherhood. (3-day training)

Hombres Noble Buscando Balance – Nobel Men Looking for Balance

El Hombre Noble Buscando Balance is a Domestic Violence intervention process with the goal of guiding men towards Family Harmony and their Healing from Family Violence. This comprehensive culturally based intervention program (co-authored by Dr. Ricardo Carillo, Samuel Martinez and Rolando Reyna Goubeau) is focused at working with men who have relationship violence as an issue in their life. (5-day training)

Mama’s Love- Mothers Raising Honorable Boys

A curriculum focused at assisting mothers to develop a positive relationship with their sons and guide their sons to be honorable young men. (2-day training)

Fire and Water

The Fire and Water curriculum is a segment of the overall Joven Noble rites of passage program that works with young people that have major issues of anger/violence (fire) and substance abuse (water). (2-day training)