Sacred Manhood Initiative

This Sacred Manhood Initiative focuses on uplifting the positive values, traditions, practices, roles and responsibilities of Sacred Manhood that support individuals in building, nurturing, and maintaining healthy relationships.

This initiative hosts a series of webinars and presentations with an emphasis on sharing teachings, experiences, and life-learned lessons that support individuals in honoring, respecting, and caring for all their relationships while addressing the colonized, wound-based attitudes and behaviors that cause harm to themselves and their relationships.

Through this initiative, we create greater consciousness and awareness of the areas of men’s health, mental health, fatherhood, grandfatherhood, young men's rites of passage, uplifting motherhood, healthy relationships, and identifying protective factors relating to the prevention of sexual assault and domestic/intimate partner violence. Finally, the Sacred Manhood Initiative challenges men to join a call to action for men to “Speak Up and Stand Up” against personal, relationship, and community violence and live as honorable men.