Christian Selected (She Cropped)

Ameyalli Women & Girls’ Program Coordinator

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Christian Jaimes

Christian Jaimes is the Project Coordinator for the Comadres National Colectiva for NCN’s Women and Girls Programs. Christian is trained and certified in Xinachtli and Advanced Xinachtli: Rites of Passage Curriculum for Chicana & Latina Youth.

Christian received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology and Chicana(o) Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Christian was born and raised in Santa Barbara. She comes to us from her father, a humble immigrant from Piedras Negras, Gro, Mexico and her mother, who was born and raised in Woodstock, Illinois. Living between two-worlds, Christian became a strong and passionate advocate for girls and women of color through her own experiences and resiliency and with the continued guidance of her mentors.