Headshot of osvaldo ozzie cruz, senior manager

Senior Manager, Education & Family Initiatives

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Osvaldo “Ozzie” Cruz, Sr.

For more than 15 years, Osvaldo Cruz, Sr. has worked with Latino male youth and young adults in the greater Los Angeles area to address issues of male responsibility, Latino male rites of passage, teen-pregnancy prevention, teen fatherhood, reproductive health, community violence, and youth leadership development. He has done so in many settings including public and charter schools, community centers, juvenile detention centers, probation departments, and California’s Youth Authority Department of Corrections. Most recently, Mr. Cruz’s work involved working with young men in High School and College campuses to address the issues and impact of sexual assault, as an advocate for survivors. He builds on the teachings of NCN to teach young men the skills for developing and maintaining healthy and honorable relationships.  

As Senior Training and Program Coordinator with the National Compadres Network, Mr. Cruz co-trains service providers to meet the growing demand for culturally competent curricula that promote safe and secure spaces for young men to grow, heal and develop. He currently coordinates the implementation of Fatherhood programing for NCN within Los Angeles County, as a Program Coordinator.

He also sits on the board of The Center for Family Policy and Practice, a progressive nonprofit organization with expertise in child-support and social-welfare policies. The Center advocates for policies, programs, and services that respond to the needs of low-income individuals, families, and communities.

Through these efforts and many more, Ozzie is privileged and honored to realize the work necessary to enhance the quality of life of young men, fathers and their families.

Mr. Cruz’s family originates from Jalisco, Mexico. His mother migrated to the US in the late 70’s with hopes of a prospering life for her and her children. Despite the many hardships and struggles his family encountered growing up in South Los Angeles, Mr. Cruz persevered with the support of his family and mentors, following the values of hard work and dedication his mother instilled in him.