Maestro Jose Montoya wearing sunglasses and playing guitar

Maestro José Montoya 7th Annual Flor y Canto Memorial Scholarship RECIPIENTS

Last year, 2021, marked the 7th time the National Compadres Network has honored Maestro José...

National Comadres Newsletter #24 (May 2022)

Reflections from Comadre Lauren Padilla-Valverde,The National Comadres Committee Member since 2013 My Dreams Metabolize My Ancestor’s...

NCN Statement for Standing Rock

What started on April 1, 2016 at Standing Rock has continued in the wake of...

October 2017 NCN Newsletter

In this Newsletter Message from the Executive Director  Debra Camarillo: Warrior Spirit Healing Institute Retreat...

Quick Update

In this Newsletter Message from the Executive Director Spring Solstice: Take Root & Grow 1968...

1968 Chicano LA Walkouts: Bobby Verdugo & Yoli RĂ­os

Bobby Verdugo and Yoli RĂ­os are in great demand for speaking engagements this month because...
Closeup shot of Maestro Jose Montoya wearing sunglasses

Flor y Canto José Montoya Memorial Scholarship

This year, the National Compadres Network marks its 30th year anniversary when in 1988, a group of...

¡Feliz Dia de las Madres!

Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrating Original Healers There are few people who recognize and understand who...

NCN Quick Update

In this Newsletter NCN 30th Anniversary Message from Jerry Tello NCN Retiros Staff Reflections Announcement: Latino Commission...

NCN’s “Stand Up And Sit Down” Campaign In Honor Of October’s National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In this Newsletter Saludos Compañeros Click to view Newsletter: