NCN Statement for Standing Rock

What started on April 1, 2016 at Standing Rock has continued in the wake of reoccurring resistance from Dakota Access, LLC- the primary company involved in the planning and implementation of the pipeline. Since its conception more than 100 other tribes and community groups from the Americas, Canada, and Peru have come to gather at Standing Rock and along the Missouri River in prayer, ceremony and good spirit- making it the largest gathering of Native nations in history.

Although our prayers have been there all along the National Compadres Network finds it imperative to publicly voice our support with Standing Rock. We reflect on our traditional teachings of In Lak Ech, Palabra, honoring the sacredness of all our relations and that the water and all elements of the universe that are to be respected, protected, and preserved. Only by acting on our principles in relation to Earth and its water can we safeguard our futures.

Locally on (September 15, 2016), The East Los Angeles Circulo of NCN gathered at CALO YouthBuild Boyle Heights Charter School, where supporters representing other community Circles and community organizations, Mujeres De Maiz, Corazon Del Pueblo, San Fernando Men’s Circle, San Diego Circulo de Hombres, Santa Ana BMOC, Homeboy Industry, La Causa YouthBuild, Self Help Graphics and local community members from the greater ELA area, Boyle Heights, City Terrace, Highland Park, San Fernando, Santa Ana and Orange County to offer prayers, songs and support.

Standing Rock is all of us and we must all be protectors of the water. The National Compadres Network stand with you.