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Senior Manager, Women & Girls’ Initiatives

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Debra Camarillo

Executive Director, The Latino Commission

Debra Camarillo, the daughter of Esteban Leos Camarillo and Anita Figueroa, has worked in the field of substance abuse and transformational healing for over 30 years, motivated by her personal experience of addiction and incarceration. She is a Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor and has a MA in Theology with emphasis on Latino Leadership.

Ms. Camarillo continues to serve as the Executive Director of The Latino Commission in San Francisco, California. She has led and managed Substance Use Disorder and Dual Diagnosis Treatment facilities and has comprehensive knowledge and sensitivity to issues of diversity, traditions, and cultural norms of the Latino population. Debra has extensive experience working with the criminal justice population and has developed cultural programming based on “La Cultura Cura” philosophy and methodology.

She is the founder of the statewide Latino conference “Strengthening the Roots” and trainer with the National Comadres Network where she promotes transformational healing for young women through Xinachtli, a coming of age program that is based on indigenous principles. She is humbled and ever grateful to the Creator and to those on who’s shoulders she stands, her partner, family and dogs!