Headshot of susanna susie armijo, comadres coordinator

Comadres Coordinator/Senior Training Specialist

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Susanna “Susie” Armijo

Susanna Armijo comes from a family of Mexican roots and raised incorporating traditional healing in her life. As the caretaker for her mother she learned as a young girl to use touch and massage as a way to communicate and soothe her mother’s ills. After graduating from high school, she was blessed to be invited to learn under the guidance of Maestro Florencio Yescas, a master teacher of indigenous Aztec Dance and ceremony from Mexico, and has performed across the world. Ms. Armijo, for over 30 years, has combined traditional music, dance and healing arts to work with people of all ages. In 2004 she performed in Rome for the Noble Peace Prize Laureates and was featured on the front cover of Native People Magazine.

In 2005 she co-founded the Sacred Circles Healing Center in Whittier, California, where she began her more formal process of serving the community in a healing capacity.  Ms. Armijo has utilized her therapeutic skills and experience by providing health prevention presentations and conducting healing councils to girls and women who were victims of trauma and relationship violence. In addition, and in conjunction with Jerry Tello and the American G.I. Forum, Ms. Armijo worked with returning war veterans and their spouses experiencing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Ms. Armijo is co-founder of the Sacred Circles performance group, founding member of the Comadres Network, Healing Women’s Circle facilitator, and Project Coordinator at the Sacred Circles Center in Whittier, California.