Comadres Newsletter No. 1 (May 2020)

(Originally published May 20, 2020)

A big virtual hug to all!

We wanted to start by offering a virtual hug of love to all because we understand that during this time of physical distancing, it has left many of us feeling the absence of touch. I remember as a child walking into my grandmother’s house and the first thing we did was receive a big warm hug from her. The touch factor is a healing element that transfers our body heat, energy, and vibrations from one to another and the lack of touch is unhealthy. So, what do we do in this time of COVID 19 to help us through the physical distancing and gap of touch? Here are two ideas: We can start with a healthy touch for ourselves. Tapping is one of the ways to alleviate stress and push stagnant energy within, out of our body. It is a simple technique where you tap pressure points throughout your body, and you can do it anywhere. It does not require any special equipment, just your hands. You can find many videos on YouTube, but here is a great one to get you started: Body Tapping for Total Circulation | 10 Minute Daily Routines. The second, are our relatives from the animal world. If you have pets, this is the time to embrace, pet, play, and run with them. Our animal relatives know how to take our negative energy and give it back to us in a good way, shifting our environment making it lighter. So, the next time you awake in the morning why not try some tapping on your body to give yourself a boost, generating energy for the day. And in the evening as you sit and relax do not forget to invite your pets to join you.

Bendiciones, Debra and Susie

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