Domestic Violence Awareness 2019

(Originally published October 22, 2019)

The month of October has been devoted towards Domestic Violence awareness. As the month comes to an end, I invite you to continue joining us in addressing this wound in our families and community.

Over 30 years ago the National Compadres Network lifted up 7 principles of an Honorable Person including one that directly addresses the issue, “Rejects any forms of violence, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to themselves and others.”

With this in mind, today we recognize that as men and women our first act must be to commit, individually to reclaim our sacredness by decolonizing and detoxifying ourselves of the internalized oppression by seeking the healing we need.

We also commit to guide the next generations, first by our example, and teaching them that relationship violence is not part of our authentic culture, but is something we need to address in order to honor all our relations.

In this journey, we have been honored to join with Mujeres, who have long been leaders in this movement to collectively address this issue so we can heal generations of pain and pass on the sacred teachings of honoring relationships to future generations.

So with that in mind, We invite you to STAND UP against violence in relationships by being the example for others and the children who watch; to SPEAK UP against oppressive or disrespectful behaviors in relationships and finally to SIT DOWN and share genuine love and cariño in your relationships with children, elders, women, men, partners, friends and all our relations.

Join us at the National Compadres Network to recover our true culture by being a part of the healing and movement to bring sacredness to our relations. In the end as Mother Teresa shared: “Peace in the World starts in one’s heart and ones’ home, one piece at a time.”

Let’s all do our piece. En Lak Ech, When One of us Hurts, We all Hurt; and When One of us Heal, We all Heal.


Jerry Tello

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