National Comadres Newsletter #31 (December 2022)


As 2022 comes to an end for many of us it has been like a roller coaster ride. A year of many ups and downs, unexpected sharp turns, and suddenly, big drops that leave your stomach falling trying to catch up with your body. For many, it has been a continuance of loss and letting go, while others received new things into their lives unexpectedly. My mother many times when difficult or unexpected things would happen would say, “that is life” reinforcing the teaching that all we have is the “here and now”. If what we have is the “here and now”, it means we have an opportunity before us!  We have a chance to decide how we want the “here and now”, even in the most challenging situations.  I know we have heard many stories of people and civilizations that confronted their “here and now” and turned it into a reality of hanging gardens, sphinx, pyramids, or people like the paraplegic scientist Stephen Hawking, Latina Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor or better yet someone like my great grandmother with 18 children, who’s stories are shared over and over serving as lessons, inspiration, and hope for others. Thinking along those lines it is truly an opportunity to walk into 2023 in a conscious way choosing how we live our “here and now”? It is an opportunity to embrace our wildest dreams, do things we have always wanted to, but never have, let go of the things that have kept us stagnant or really are poison to us, and even an opportunity to redo or make right situations.  Here at the National Comadres Network, we want to encourage you to think and make your “here and now” like never before and wish you happy holidays and a prosperous New Year! Most importantly we wish you encouragement to reclaim your sacredness and voice as a woman knowing you are worthy and deserve the very best.

Bendiciones! Maestra Debra Camarillo

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