Maestro Jose Montoya wearing sunglasses playing guitar

2022 Maestro José Montoya Annual Flor y Canto Memorial Scholarship

Maestro José Montoya was part of many circles, but for over 25 years he was part of El Círculo de Hombres, which brought healing and support to thousands of men through the reintegration of ceremony, carnalismo, and kinship. He served on NCN’s Board of Directors, as the voice of elders, since the organization’s inception. His contributions to the healing of youth, men, families, and communities will continue through the teachings he so generously shared and entrusted to all of us.
Scholarship: In Maestro José Montoya’s honor, NCN will award two $500 scholarships. The focus of the scholarship is “Flor y Canto,” which invites young artists to share their creativity. Flor y Canto (in xochitl in cuicatl) are the voices of our ancestors reminding us that the highest form of human expression is sharing our experience through living art, music, and poetry.
Application:  The application includes submitting written responses and a creative piece that reflects the applicant’s culture and its beauty and healing strength. Both the written responses and creative piece will be considered when selecting the scholarships.

Who Can Apply: Students (ages 13-26) currently enrolled in school and working to complete their education. Past scholarship recipients are not eligible.

Where to Send: The essay and creative piece (or a photograph of the piece if it cannot be emailed) can be sent to Anthony Guillean at National Compadres Network at [email protected]. Both essay and creative piece must be submitted before the application can be considered.

Application Deadline: The submission deadline is Friday, May 27, 2022, by midnight PST. Awardees will be announced in mid-June.

More Information: Please contact Anthony Guillean at a[email protected] or at (213) 432-1741. For more information about NCN, visit

Written Responses: Please respond to the following items (2-page max):

  1. After reflecting on José Montoya’s life and work, how my culture has been a source of strength and healing;
  2. How my arte and creativity have been impacted by my culture;
  3. How I see culture as being part of my life as I develop my personal talents and gifts; and
  4. How the scholarship will support my educacíon/education.

Creative PieceThe creative piece can be a poem, song, sculpture, carving, video, photograph, or any other creative expression that reflects your talent and cultural expression, and/or identity.

ARTE AS HEALING: Maestro José Montoya dedicated his life to acknowledging and lifting up the beauty and power of culture through art, poetry, music, activism, and spiritual ceremony. His life from the mountains of New Mexico and the fields of California’s Central Valley, to the halls of higher education, influenced all his work. His ability to re-craft words, create songs, and beautifully illustrate what it meant to be Chicano will remain an example for generations.

In 2016, three years after his passing, he was honored with an exhibit of his work at the UCLA Fowler Museum. Abundant Harvest honored his prolific work with nearly 2,000 drawings along with paintings, poems, sketchbooks, video footage, music, and other ephemera.

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