Sacred Fatherhood

(Originally published June 19, 2020)

Bendiciones to all,

As we approach Father’s Day we want to acknowledge and offer blessings to all those fathers, grandfathers, mothers, tios, big brothers, mentors, and others who have filled the role of FATHER in a child’s life. For those who have walked this journey of guiding, caring for, protecting, loving, and worrying about your children, it comes with many blessings and a variety of challenges. We also recognize that the teachings we offer to our children go way beyond just the relationships we have with them. They watch our every move and many times mimic our every word. They learn how to treat women, children, elders, men, LGBTQ relatives, and people of all cultures by how they see us do it. They learn how to value life by how they see us interact, talk about, share with, and advocate for others. They develop beliefs, attitudes, and habits of how to handle blessings and challenges in their lives by our example of how we handle them. And they learn to love, accept, and be proud of who they are by how we unconditionally acknowledge, accept, and embrace them in all their dimensions.

But more than anything they learn that they are a sacred blessing from the Creator and their ancestors by how we follow through with our PALABRA and show up authentically and walk with them no matter what life brings. It takes work, sacrifice, patience, and much love to make your children a priority but for those who have made this choice, it brings so much amazing joy and blessings. By doing this, you make children, families, communities and the world more sacred.

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at the National Compadres Network and may the Creator continue to bless you and all your relations.

Jerry Tello

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