Stand Up & Speak Up

NCN is announcing a national campaign, inviting men to Stand Up and Speak Up against relationship violence, harm and disrespect towards women and children and to Sit Down to play, read and nurture their children and relationships in a positive way. The campaign, first initiated in 2006, also invites organizations and the boys and men they work with to include them in this effort.

For 30 years, NCN has worked to honor, rebalance, and redevelop the authentic identity, values, traditions and indigenous practices as the path to healing and honoring of all our relations.

We invite you and your organization to be part of this effort. From now through 2018, we ask you to lift-up the STAND UP, SIT DOWN campaign by:

  1. You, individually, signing the adult or youth pledge and commit to its intent.
  2. Ask people you serve to sign the pledge form and select items on the pledge that they can commit to doing within the next few weeks.
  3. Develop a program activity in line with the campaign and your current work and record your activity through photograph(s) or narrative form and send it to NCN.
  4. Ask men and boys why it is important to stand up against violence and nurture relationships; record their responses through photograph(s), video or narrative form send it to NCN.

NCN will collect the reflections and photographs/videos and post them on various NCN social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, NCN website). By sharing your submissions with NCN, you will be part of an effort that creates a national voice against relationship violence and disrespect and promotes the importance of men playing an active, positive roles in their children’s lives.

In honor of Father’s Day we would like your submissions leading up to June 17 with a special emphasis on asking men and boys why it’s important to be an honorable man, father, grandfather, etc.

For copies of the pledge forms and/or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Anthony Guillean by email at [email protected] or by calling him at (213) 432-1741.

We want to thank you in advance and look forward to you and your organization participating in this effort.