Maestro Jose Montoya wearing sunglasses playing guitar

2020 José Montoya Scholarship Recipients

This year marked the 6th time the National Compadres Network has honored Maestro José Montoya with the Flor y Canto Scholarship. Maestro Montoya dedicated his life to acknowledging and lifting up the beauty and power of culture through art, poetry, music, activism, and spiritual ceremony. His life from the mountains of New Mexico and the fields of California’s Central Valley, to the halls of higher education, influenced all his work. His ability to re-craft words, create songs, and beautifully illustrate what it meant to be Chicano will remain as an example for generations.

Three recipients were selected this year from the many applications received: Mayra Hernandez, Evelyn Arciniega, and Daniel Cervantes.

To see the full announcement and examples of the recipients’ reflections on their cultura and how it influences their arte and creativity, please click on this LINK