Open view of the road in between the plain land

A Time for Health and Healing

(Originally published March 18, 2020)

Bendiciones to all,

We wanted to share a message today of hope and healing for all. This is a time of uncertainty that can trigger many uncomfortable feelings in all of us.  At times like this, we need to listen to all our sources of information:  the medical professionals who are working tirelessly to keep us healthy, all public health directives, and the teachings that come from our culture and the universe. At the same time, our emotional well-being requires that we also find ways to remain connected and rely on our rooted cultural teachings to connect and support one another.

Although we are being asked to create physical distance for health reasons, it does not mean we should disconnect from those things that contribute to our health and well-being. In fact, the teaching we should draw upon is that this may be the time to connect more fully with those elements that truly contribute to our collective interconnected sacredness.

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