National Comadres Newsletter #12 (May 2021)

Greetings Beautiful Mujeres from Maestra Susie!
As we are all about to be graced with the opportunity of transitioning out of sheltering in place, we are also being given the gift to re-connect with all of our relationships and all those who we love most.
This is also a powerful opportunity to decide and to choose how we want to show up for others, which relationships we would like to continue nurturing, and which unhealthy relationships we need to let go of for our own well-being.
We have all experienced struggles, ups and downs, disagreements and disappointments in all of our relationships, be it with familia, friends, partners, or co-workers.  The challenges and struggles we have experienced, good or bad, have taught us deep lessons about ourselves, as well as, what traditions, lessons or examples we intentionally want to teach our next generations, or what patterns and cycles we want to break.
If there is one major lesson we have learned throughout this pandemic, it’s the fact that we never know what tomorrow will bring.  There are no guarantees of whom we will be able to spend time with, hug or see again.
This is a very good time to think about how we want to continue to honor, embrace and nurture our relationships and decide which relationships we need to let go of, release in the sand and FORGIVE.
With that, we would like to share this story with you as something to contemplate that will hopefully give you some insight to what it is you need to do, or are willing to do, in order to make your relationships, you and your partner, your work, your life, feel more joyful, honored sacred and blessed.

Greetings from Maestra Debra,
Let me share a story I read a while back that had a great message.  There were two friends walking in the desert and along the way the women began to argue.  One of the women got so mad, she slapped the other.  The one who was slapped wrote in the sand, “Today, my best friend slapped me in the face.”  They kept on walking and they stumbled onto an Oasis.  As they approached, the women who had been slapped stepped into quicksand that was before the pool of water and began to sink.  Her friend from the side took off the reboso she had around her waist and threw it to her and drug her out and saved her.  When she was out, she engraved on a rock, “My best friend saved my life today.”  The woman who had slapped and saved her friend asked her, “When I slapped you, you wrote on the sand, and when I saved you, you engraved a stone why?”  Her friend responded, “When someone hurts you, we should write it in the sand where the winds of forgiveness can erase it.  When someone does something good for you, we need to engrave it on a stone where the winds can never erase it.”

We love you,

Maestras Debra Camarillo & Susie Armijo

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