National Comadres Newsletter #13 (June 2021)

Greetings Mujeres!

I hope you and your families are doing well at this time. However, if you are in a time of challenge, I pray that Creator strengthens you and gives you what you need to confront the challenge and push through.  As we approach the summer it is time for tending the garden.  It is wonderful in the springtime to plant the seeds of our gardens with great anticipation of the harvest but from beginning to end there is a process in the middle that we must go through to get to the end. This is part of the cycle of life that is reverberated in everything within this dimension. Tending to the garden is where the real work is at! Pulling the weeds, tilling the ground, watering, fertilizing, and dealing with the pests and diseases to keep the plants healthy and flourishing takes work, dedication, and consistency.  Abandoning, avoiding, or not being consistent will interfere in the process of the plant reaching its maturity and flourishing with the potential that lies within it.  These same principles apply to our personal healing and growth journey.  To reach our potential we also need to tend to the garden of our lives. Pulling out those weeds in our minds that do not serve us and keep us stuck and in unhealthy places.

We must try and begin to give ourselves permission to see, and acknowledge the stories we tell ourselves, or that others have told us and made us believe, about who we are. We must try and begin to weed out all the voices we hear in our minds as well as, the negative self-talk of our inner critic and inner voice that tell us that we’re still not good enough.  Who are all those voices that are continuously talking to you?  Preventing you from being fully present and stealing your joy and happiness? Instilling so much anxiety, fear, self-doubt, worry, anger, and low self-worth?
By taking steps every day to weed them all out, you will eventually begin to make room in your mind with more clarity, to hear the voices of your ancestors and our creator. Consistently tilling and fertilizing ourselves with good nourishing things that will bring balance, wisdom, and maturity enabling us to live in peace, happiness, and harmony is where we want to go. Committing to the process and seeing it all the way through, through the pain, wanting to give up, feeling hopeless and helpless though difficult, will pass, if we stay committed to the process. Only by going through the fire is gold refined and only by going through the process will we understand the strength, endurance, and tenacity we have inside.
Our healing is a personal lifelong journey that takes a lot of courage, commitment, faith, and trust. Your ancestors have planted many seeds of healing, wisdom, values, and traditions within you. Make time to cultivate them within yourself, as well as for the future and generations to come.  May your commitment to your own healing be the medicine that blesses all those around you in, “YOUR GARDEN,” with healing, hope, love, and inspiration.

Maestra Debra & Maestra Susie

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