National Comadres Newsletter #27 (August 2022)

Reflections from Comadre Nohemi Gomez

Greetings Comadres

My name is Noemi Gomez and it is an honor to share some palabra with you all, near and far, on this beautiful full moon in Aquarius. My familia and I have the privilege of calling home, the beautiful lands of our Tongva ancestors.
I remember growing up in East LA in a duplex home, which my parents were renting, that had a green space where my father always had sugar cane growing. All around the front of our home my mother had her different flowers that made her smile such as roses, hortensias and maidenhair ferns. At a young age, my parents engrained in me a rooted connection to the earth through the different plants they would grow and allow me to partake in tending to them. All plantitas need water and Tata Sol for nourishment as well as the energy of Ehecatl, as the winds assist in spreading their seeds. I, Nohemi am not so different as the plantitas that have always been a great teacher in my journey. Being in bodies of water I feel the most held by mama earth as well as the calming of my inner fire. Working under our Tata Sol tending to the regeneration of our soil, I feel the spirit of the soil anxious to connect with us and remind us of our roots that are profound and interconnected. The winds of Ehecatl allow me to travel to different parts of the globe and connect with both the people of those lands and the lands that are abundant of life. I am beyond grateful to be the youngest child of Eustolia and Jose and the little sister to Miguel and Arturo as they all have been and continue to be, monumental to the ever-evolving identity of Nohemi.

A’ho/Mitakuye Oyasin/Ometeotl, Nohemi Gomez, Your comadre

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