National Comadres Newsletter #28 (September 2022)

Mi vida como Mujer Latina was created by two Mexican-American adults that longed for survival in an unwelcoming world of poverty.  Agricultural work was their trade and means of our survival.  They followed what had been modeled to them through generations of affliction, which unfortunately continued into my years of growing up.

There was a small semilla that was planted in my childhood memory. A memory that mi Abuelita Teresa left in me.  Growing up I viewed the world through a lens that had been misconstrued and blemished with deep emotional scars, but this small semilla flourished in my adulthood as a single mother through some of my darkest years.  The memory of freshly home-made flour tortillas, kneeling next to her as she prayed before we would go to sleep, watching her collect yerbitas from her garden and soaking them in oils to use to heal my cuts, bruises or sickness in my body and her jars of agua bendita for the many bendiciones she placed on me.

It took a lot of emotional and physical effort to start over and unlearn what I had been taught/modeled for so many years.  I walked and experienced many dark and life-changing incidents in my life, but it was my Abuelita’s small semilla of healing and hope that carried me to this point in my life.  Abuelita Teresa is one of many women, mujeres Latinas that are the roots under my feet that lift me.  Historically and spiritually leaving me life lessons, teachings, and healings to carry, use and share in my own life journey.  Though many lived in silence, they each existed and had a story and continue to exist and are being heard through me.

Gracias Abuelita~Bendiciones

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