National Comadres Newsletter #29 (October 2022)

Reflections from Comadre Paty Cardenas
National Comadres Committee Member Since 2013

Es Pa’Ti

I looked towards the East and asked,
“Who is this warm illumination for?”
Creator responded, “Es Pa’Ti amor,
Para darte un nuevo dia y traerte luz

I looked to the West
Toward the moon and the stars and said,
“These stars heal my heart and soothe my soul,
Who are they for?” I asked
Creator responded, “Son Pa’Ti corazon,
Para que descanses y traerte paz

I looked toward the South
and saw my family & children playing
and my heart felt full
“Para quien es tanta belleza?” pregunte
Creator responded, “Son Pa’Ti chiquit@,
Para que jueges con ellos y conoscas el amor”

I looked to the North
and felt my ancestors guiding and holding me
“para quien son estos quias?” pregunte
Creator responded, “Son Pa’Ti, para traerte consciencia”

I took a deep breath
“todo esto es pa’mi?”
“Que mas puedo pedir?
You have gifted me everything” I said
Feeling incredibly grateful and in need of nothing else
Creator responded,
“I have been waiting your whole life to hear you say that,
Te lo mereces todo, y ahora puedes tener harmonia”

These words were inspired by the palabras shared at the 2022 Jolon Retiro.  I am forever grateful to all of the medicine shared in circulo. My comadres demonstrate courage and selflessness beyond measure.

Tlazocamati to my Maestra CC, who continues to walk with me and continues to teach me from Mictlampa. Esto es Pa’Ti Maestra Cuahtli Cihuatl.

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