Head shot of evelyn sarahi arciniega

Ameyalli Women and Girls’ Youth Development Specialist

(408) 484-4116

[email protected]

Evelyn Sarahi Arciniega

Evelyn Sarahi Arciniega is an Ameyalli Women and Girls’ Youth Development Specialist and supports NCN’s efforts to guide both women and girls in their healing journey and provide a space to learn and grow together.

Ms. Arciniega has served the community in different capacities, including public speaking, organizing fundraising, playing music for elders, and working with youth. She is a past recipient of the José Montoya Flor y Canto Scholarship, an annual scholarship awarded by NCN to highlight students’ expression of culture through art, poetry, music, activism, and spiritual ceremony. Ms. Arciniega has a passion for music and uses her talents to speak to others and make an impact on their lives. She is a student of Chicano Studies and the proud daughter of Sarahi Ovalle and Mario Arciniega.