Honoring National Women’s Day

Good Day Familia,

Annually as we come to this month of March, we land in a time and place that reminds us to celebrate and recognize women throughout the history of our country.  As time progresses just as our awareness, we acknowledge that the role of women within society’s fabric is much more intrinsic to our history, our present, and our future than we envision.  Through innumerable historical struggles (political, racial, class, and all alike), to tending to homes and families, to working multiple jobs; women have always been significantly attached to all of these elements that have helped push the necessary shifts in our country to create a better version of itself.  Although this recognition didn’t come until 1981, we understand that there is no life without women, no creation, therefore no movement.  This month we honor the women in our history who led these movements directly from their heart source, knowing they wouldn’t be recognized for it.  We honor the women who sustained, protected, and loved their families through the hardships.  We honor the women who laughed through it all.  Most importantly, we honor the women who honored us, by praying that one day we would arrive at this day and speak their legacy in the same spirit in which they welcomed us into this world.

This month we are encouraged to remember their contributions to our society and reflect on the ways in which they have shaped our realities today.  And as we move about this month and beyond, it is important for us to recognize ourselves as embodiments of this history connected deeply to their stories.  Take a moment today to reflect on what women’s history has meant to you and your family and ask, “What is my intention in honoring these women in history and in my life?”  I give special gratitude to my Mother, Tia’s, Grandmas, and Great-Grandmas whose histories I carry and whom I ask this question for every day.

In Love,

Ysenia Sepulveda (she, her, hers)
Training & Technical Assistance Specialist
Program Assistant

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