Standing with our Asian American Relatives

To all our friends and relatives,

Unfortunately, the current attacks on the Asian-American community are not new, but they are just now being recognized by the broader community.  The attacks on our Asian community, elders, brothers, and sisters MUST STOP!

The National Compadres Network (NCN) recognizes that the racial animus that influences these attacks are rooted in White Supremacy and xenophobia.  Failing to see our fellow ethnic communities as family, creates separation instead of unity.  At this moment, we must stand with our Asian family to denounce the hate and violence they are experiencing.  Expressing outrage is the first step to uproot the national discourse that has allowed this racial hate to further infest our national narrative. Our healing medicine to address this violence will be found in our unity!

Walking in solidarity and expressing outrage at racial violence also requires actions to bring about needed change.  We also need:

  • Access to services that support the healing of residents who experience trauma from these hateful racists acts and xenophobia;
  • The development of culturally-rooted services to guide all approaches offered to residents of diverse ethnicities, nationalities, and linguistic preferences;
  • The recognition that the avoidance of providing funding to support work to heal our children, families, elders, and communities are acts of oppression;
  • To stand with our Asian, Black, Immigrant, Indigenous, LGTBQ2S, and Pacific Islander friends to gain a deeper understanding of our common and distinct experiences as a way to dismantle oppression, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia; and
  • Demand that systems financially support culturally-rooted and healing-centered efforts by providing funding so communities can employ their own ways of addressing and healing from racism and xenophobia.

NCN will continue to align itself with efforts that recognize that each respective community has valuable gifts to share that can help us grow closer together.  Understanding our respective stories have allowed us to survive, and recovering our medicine will allow future generations to thrive.

In peace, love and solidarity,

Héctor Sánchez-Flores, Executive Director
National Compadres Network

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