National Comadres Newsletter #14 (July 2021)

Greetings Relatives,

I hope everyone here and your loved ones are doing well at this time.  As you read this, I invite you to take a deep breath and familiarize yourself with where you are.  What items are around you?   What is something around you that brings you peace?  What are you most grateful for in your space at this moment?  Take one more breath.

During this season of Summer, we are called to take notice of the Sun- our Papa Sol- because it reaches its highest point at this time and it’s at its strongest.  We may experience Summer as one full of family functions, barbeques, swimming, music, hiking or simply getting outside to enjoy what the Sun has to offer us that day.  It brings us excitement to think about gathering with loved ones on a Summer day, right?

Every day when we wake, we are granted a renewed opportunity to not just redo something we wish to change, but awaken a joy that we often remiss or take for granted that is inherently inside of us.  The Sun reminds us to remain strong in our will to BE light, and remember that we are (quite literally) light-filled beings.  This can be easier said than done because, in order to live our light, we must simultaneously enact on our truth- being true to what brings happiness in our life.  Imagine all of the cosmic effort it takes to get the Sun to rise each day, and the commitment it takes for all elements to make it happen.   Nonetheless, it shows up relentlessly every morning ready to offer itself while doing it with so much warming love.  Much like the Sun, this daily dedicated work is when we are closest to our truest self – when we live and engage in actions and decisions that bring us light, that bring us joy.   With this I ask, what light do you wish to bring out today?   How do you wish to do that?

Before you go on with your day, I encourage you to speak to the things that you wish for and give thanks to the good things that already surround you.

Coming to light
What brings you light
Inner light

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